Sunday, 27 June 2010


Took delivery the other day of my fab new toy.... a garmin forerunner 350.
Now I know a lot of people out there have one. So I won't go into details of all the exciting features it has. And I know I tried one out not so long ago when Ian generously gave me a loan of his for a bit. But this time I've loaded the software onto my computer. Its great fun.
Yesterday though I probably ended up doing my 12 mile training run too quickly, as I had the tendency to keep looking at it and going "Speed up. Speed up".
Probably take me a little while to get accustomed to it and stop looking at the display every thirty seconds.

Anyway. It's nice to map runs. Today, for instance a few of us from the club went down to Pencaitland to do the local Playgroups charity "fun run". And fun it was - or as near as "fun" can be running in heat approaching the high twenty's.
The route was nice - mainly off road, woodland pathways and old railways. Though despite being through woods the hoped for shade was not forthcoming.
Being a "fun" run we had all decided not to run in club colours and not to treat it too seriously (treat it almost like a "fast training run ").

I've got to say I was very impressed with the course, the signage and the marshalling.

My new toy informed me that the route was in fact 10.35km (but I'll let them off). It also informed me that my average pace was 6:23 and I used up 694 calories.

One touch about the race that I particularly liked was the "medals". I don't normally like medals after races and usually just end up throwing them away (keep the marathon ones). But these were big edible medals!! Large shortbread biscuits threaded onto ribbons. Very tasty - though there goes the 694 saved calories!!

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