Wednesday, 16 June 2010


The legs were rebelling today. I wanted to take them out for a long run and they were telling me to "go and stuff [myself]."
Finally we reached a compromise and I just took them out for a wee six mile bimble at recovery pace.
I can't blame their rebellious mood to be honest, I've been asking quite a lot of them lately. A couple of races and then a very fast 7.5 miles in Leith on Monday, followed by a "double session" yesterday - a brisk 6.7 through the leafy glades of the Dear Green Place at lunchtime, rounded off with a fast 9.5 miles last night with the club.
In reality a complete rest may have been in order today, but I've never been one to allow common sense to interfere with my running schedule.

Going for a curry tomorrow after the race. Probably end up face down sleeping in my vegetable korma......

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