Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Gadgets, gadgets everywhere.
Getting used to running with a GPS, but I'm now spending more time pouring over the details of the run and looking at the route on various mapping programmes than I am actually running!

I'm also trying to keep on feeding the old JB7 with as many of my CDs as I can. I'm pretty much sticking to my self imposed "rule" of one from the deep recesses of the collection for every old favourite. And the system seems to be working and throwing up some gems.

Found an old Benny Goodman compilation lurking away at the back of a drawer. I remember buying it and being disappointed... I'd thought it was a 1966 recording when I got it, but I was a bit disappointed when I got it home and studied the sleeve notes that it was actually just a compilation of 40's and 50's releases that had been "cleaned up" and augmented by a couple of re-recordings from 66 of his most famous tunes.
As it turns out it's not too bad a recording and the 40's and 50's tracks have been "cleaned up" to a pretty good standard (minimal "snap, crackle and pop"). The version of Sing Sing Sing is one of the 1966 recordings, however, not the famous Carnegie Hall version but still has old Gene Krupa giving it some laldy on the drums - wonderful stuff. It's also a nice little mix of Goodman's big bands and small bands.
I also remember, being a bit scunnered when I first got the CD to discover so many of the original tracks were mono...
Stupid really. They could only record with the technology they had!
Favourites? The aforementioned "Sing Sing Sing", but also "Flying Home", "Air Mail Special" and the bands signature tune "Goodbye" (not the Pete and Dud song!)

Hopefully feeding the JB7 will throw up more of these "lost" gems. Get me back to some stuff that got me into jazz in the first place.

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