Saturday, 12 June 2010


Went through to Kinghorn last night for the Black Rock 5.
Despite the name it's probably closer to 4.5 miles and it's one of those "there and back" routes - but with a difference. The difference being that you turn by going around the titular "Black Rock" by wading out into the Forth and getting your dangly bits bathed in cold water!
First half mile or so is a quick dash through Kinghorn, down on to the beach. Then it's, usually, a nice straight run out over firm sands to the rock. I say "usually" because there was little nice about it last night. Despite it being quite sunny there was a stiff head wind up to the rock. Very tough going.
Got round the rock not too bad, and then, upon emerging from the Forth after those first few strength sapping steps when you feel like your shoes and kit weigh a ton, I just got into quite a nice rhythm and tried to reel in the two runners in front.
The soft sand part as you come off the beach is another obstacle that breaks any rhythm you might have - just before you start the long steady climb back through the village.
The ending is a quick little descent past the local train station, before turning under a viaduct and a lung bursting steep hill to the end (perhaps about 200m). The crowds here though are amazing and really carry you along.
Once through the really well organised finishing funnel you wind your way through the Ship Tavern to be presented with your bottle of beer (so, given my teetotal status that's two bottles for Anne).
Keen to see the results. That's the third time I've done that race - and the slowest I've done it (27:50). BUT, strangely, I think I might be slightly higher up the overall results, so perhaps everyone was slowed down a bit by the conditions. Whatever. I'm not really too bothered. It's one of those races where simply taking part is fun.
Once Anne finished and got her beer we started to make our way back to the changing area. But on the way we decided to "fuel up" with some chips - the food of champions!

Decided that I'm not going to do the Traprain Law race today. In one way I'd quite like to. But a race last night, then that, then the Portobello Prom race followed by next Sundays Peebles 10K trail race might be a bit too much. I do enjoy these short fast races, but I also want to stay injury free.

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