Monday, 31 May 2010


Another day - another run. That's four eight to nine mile runs in four days under the belt. This morning the sun was out - so it was a nice eight mile trot through Innerwick and then up via the pylon road to Weatherly before the quick downhill section back home (slowing slightly only to look again at the "crocodile").
The "recovery" is coming along nicely and "normal service" can probably be resumed very soon. Which is good news indeed. Good news in as much as I have missed my runs at lunchtime in the "Dear Green Place".
Not that I "miss" the D.G.P. you understand. Hell no. The last people who could say with any true emotion and conviction that they "missed" that dump were the brave lads who piloted their twin engine Junkers 88's over it in the spring of '41.
No I miss the running as it's the only thing that keeps me sane when I'm through there. But now that the taper's over and the recovery complete it's back to my wee jaunts up and down the banks of the majestic Clyde... Oh joy.

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