Saturday, 22 May 2010


Oh lordy.
Don't know if it's heatstroke or if I've been affected by "taper madness" to that great an extent that I've started hallucinating!!
It's bloody typical. Nearly through May and after a year, so far, that can be best described as "crap" the weather takes a turn for the scorching. Expect all the Sunday papers tomorrow to have pictures of corpulent Brits tucking into ice-creams or young ladies in bikinis, all accompanied by "Britain Bakes" and "Phew! What A Scorcher" type headlines.
Spare a thought however for those daft enough to run 26.2 miles in it after training in somewhat cooler conditions. Spare a moment too to ponder the wisdom of setting off those who are running 13 miles at 8:00 in the relative cool of the morning. While those doing the full 26 get the fun of hanging about till 10:00 - just to make sure the sun's really out!
Oh Well. Anyway. Due to the dreaded taper I had already decided that today was a rest day - no running for yours truly.
Decided therefore to go a wee bit of a walk and at least keep the legs moving and also to stave of the boredom or even worse the temptation to watch Saturday afternoon telly!!

Just went out for about a mile... "up the back" from our bit.
There's a pond there. Well, I think it can be classified as a pond - it might just be an immense puddle. Anyway. It's very popular with all the cattle at the moment. A wee place for a drink and a paddle (amazingly, it's also a popular place for some of them to pee - which you would think would greatly reduce the desire for the others to drink and paddle).

It was there though that I first spotted the new wildlife. The crocodile!!
Emerging from the pond, and silently creeping towards the road is the belly-shuffling, beady-eyed, hard-skinned little croc.
I couldn't believe my eyes!
Closer inspection, however, reveals that it's little more than one of those three piece garden ornament type things.
Wonder who put it there? How long has it been there? How long will it stay? And what does it eat!!

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