Thursday, 6 May 2010


Strange run at lunchtime today.

Well I say lunchtime, but it was actually earlier (I had someone coming to my office to see me at lunchtime – most inconsiderate).
Anyway. I realised that if you do the same run, regularly, at the same time – you start to get used to seeing the same people at the same times. You regularly pass (or are passed by) the same people, obviously out doing their usual run as well. I know the runners who acknowledge my nod or “hello” and I know the ones who don’t (so I’ve given up trying).
But this was half an hour earlier – and it really threw me. Either different runners altogether or the same runners in different places.
Luckily, unburdened by employment or responsibility, the junkie dole scum were still nestled under the bridge (safe now that the “art” has been removed).
The other thing that made it “strange” was using Ian’s Garmin GPS that I’ve borrowed for a wee while. Now I can use a Garmin, but I’ve not got used to using a Garmin. If that sounds strange what I mean is that I do know how to turn it on, set it up, start it etc… BUT I’ve not yet got used to having so much information readily available on my wrist. Time? No problem… get that with my watch anyway. Heart Rate? No problem… get that from my HRM (and, if I’m honest, I’m getting fairly good now at guessing my three “zones”).
But speed?? Minute mile pace?? Ya beezer. It’s great fun… but it’s also a potential for disaster.. I need to learn not to keep looking at it.
Because every time I look at it I think “ooh... could I pick it up a bit here?”. Bottom line is – a short quick run is the last thing I need right now. Just coming off a fairly high mileage and high effort week and getting ready for my last LSR this weekend before the taper.
So why did I push it to 6:20 pace for 6.77 miles? Madness. Three fairly “heavy” weeks training wise lately, so for once I’m almost looking forward to tapering down.

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