Friday, 28 May 2010


Been a bit affected by the "post race blues" this week. A sort of melancholy I suppose. A state perhaps brought about by the sudden realisation that after weeks of preparation, there's bugger all left to aim for (in the immediate future that is).
Ah well. Best, to find something then.. My mind keeps wandering towards thoughts of the rolling roads along Loch Ness in October ..... hmmm, we'll see.

Or perhaps my blues has been caused by Amazon's failure to deliver the new Steve Lodder CD I ordered in time for me to "get into it" during the long bank holiday weekend.
So.. just in case that's what was causing this mild psychological disorder I went out today and bought another new one. The new Keith Jarrett and Charlie Hadden offering. Gets good reviews and I love Keith Jarrett's piano (though his highly audible self accompanying mumbles and humming can grate at times). Anyway. Get a chance to listen to it over the weekend.

On the running side? Yes I have been out a few times since Sunday. Failed to go out a run on Monday though. I really did intend to go a wee recovery run (a gentle 3 or 4 mile trot), but on returning home from work I was overcome by a huge tsunami of "couldn't-be-arsedness".
So, my first run ended up being the club run on Tuesday - a "gentle" (hoho) 9 mile cross country trot through the chicken farm and John Muir country park at a steady 7:20 pace. Which may explain why on Wednesday my legs felt as though they had been put through a bloody mangle!
Managed a nice run up and round by the wind farms today, and, while the legs don't exactly have their old "bounce" back yet, they are getting better.

Got my number today for the Black Rock 5 in a coupe of weeks. Also hope to do the Haddington 5 and the Portobello prom race in June.

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