Thursday, 22 April 2010



My run in the <cough> “Dear Green Place” takes me under a few bridges. Never my favourite part of the run.

Something different today though…

A strange ethereal sound is emanating from under the bridges. At first I thought there was someone under the bridges singing, but by the time I got to the third bridge I noticed the speakers that were hanging down from the decking.

Apparently it’s “art” – an “installation artist” (moronic term) has strung up speakers that are playing three different versions of a 16th Century Scottish lament.

Hmmm…. Don’t know if it’s “art”. Don’t know that I like it. But it does appear to be keeping the cider drinking trolls and junkies away – so for that reason alone I hope they keep it permanently. Though changing the tape every now and then for a wee bit of Ella would be nice.

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