Saturday, 17 April 2010


In a strange sort of way I'm quite thankful for the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland and the resulting grounding of all Europe's planes. At least there's now something else on the news other than the arse numbing banality that is "Election 2010".
What has surprised me a bit though is how everything about this ash cloud, on the news, has been about air travel. And leisure travel at that. Little so far about air freight etc. Though the owner of the farm shop we go to did warn us that some fruit may become a bit more expensive soon (I wanted Anne to "panic buy" and hoard grapefruits - but she wouldn't).
Even less on the telly about health risks? Are there any?
Only thing I've seen so far states that if you get sore eyes or a runny nose etc "stay indoors". Should I be running?
So. In the interests of science I thought I would "suck it and see". Went out a run for about 14 miles.
It's hard to tell, where I live, if there is any "volcanic ash" or not. I suspect not and anyway it would simply get lost among the mass of indigenous "stoor"that we have all year round. It comes off the roads after tractors have been hurtling about them and all the big lorries going up and down to the wind farm. Even on dry days when my legs aren't caked in mud I'm still aware of a fine coating of stoor clinging to the sweat.
Anyway, today, other than feeling a bit short of breath at one point I felt fine. Though the shortness of breath may have been due to the fact that I was going up Starvation Brae with a heart rate of 165 at the time!

Seriously though - if you do suspect there is volcanic ash near you please take sensible precautions... Never leave CDs out of their sleeves or cases for any length of time and use a lens cleaner on your player regularly!

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