Sunday, 18 April 2010


Decided, once more, not to let the threat of airborne volcanic stoor hold me back, so I tootled out for a nice long steady run (LSR) today.
21 miles all in. Part on road and part ... well "off" road (obviously). Quite hilly in parts so just took it easy. Started off heading out towards Pitcox, then went on to Biel Mill and then into Dunbar via the chicken farm and West Barns. Headed back from Dunbar by more or less following the start of the Doon Hill race route.

Didn't help that the rain decided to make itself felt today. Horrible conditions. Felt sorry for anyone doing the half marathon in Edinburgh today. However I've got this theory - Pumice stone = volcanic stone used to scrub dry skin. So... rain + volcanic stoor + long run = free exfoliation of the face and legs!! Though checking in the bathroom mirror after my run I'm thinking that I maybe should have tried about 40 miles!

Broke up my run, briefly, to pop into the train station and buy my tickets for next week. Bloke in the ticket office was telling me that while Dunbar hasn't been much different Edinburgh train station is feeling the strain of increased demand with all the people who would normally travel by air. Found out yesterday that one of our club mates who's running in London next weekend is stuck in Hong Kong till Thursday at the earliest... oh dear.

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