Tuesday, 20 April 2010



Despite the fact that I’m going out a run with the club tonight I decided that it was too nice a day through here in the <cough> “Dear Green Place” not to go out for a run at lunchtime.

So…6.7 miles. 3.35 there and 3.35 back again (with a quick “u” turn just after the Dalmarnock Bridge. Decided to run it at tempo today and managed it in 6:50 pace. Quite nice and hopefully not that fast that I won’t have the legs to keep up tonight if the pace picks up.

The above photo is my route… Past the lovely sewage works at about three miles then four again on the way back, and through “Glasgow Green” – a popular spot among the locals for an alfresco  Buckfast brunch on a sunny day (the piquant bouquet compliments a Greggs sausage roll wonderfully). The six mile marker on the way back (about .7 on the way out) takes the runner past the “delivery door” of the High Court. Fun to listen to the curses coming from inside the Reliance van. J

Runners of a literary bent may want to take time to consider some of the pithy graffiti on the walls between miles 2 and 3 (though I actually fail to believe that a man of the Pope’s age can manage what was suggested).

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