Friday, 26 March 2010

WHY I RUN #401 (just don't ask for the other 400).

WHY I RUN #401 (just don't ask for the other 400).

My legs are completely “empty” today, nothing left in them at all. Eight runs in six days culminated, last night, in quite an intense interval session on the track.

1 mile followed by 16 x 400m. with just over a minutes recovery between each one.

Completely knackered at the end of it, but comfort myself with the [probably] deluded belief that “it’s all doing me good”.

It’s very easy to slip into the mindset that perhaps a night in front of the telly might “do me good”.

But then again, I come into the office to listen to the  gut-buckets and lard asses picking apart the *cough* intricate plot twists of Eastenders or Corrie and I think to myself – “perhaps the sore legs is a price worth paying”…..

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