Wednesday, 31 March 2010


It's not easy being misanthropic. Well that's not entirely true - it certainly seems to come easy to me!
In any case. I'm what you would call a "selective" misanthrope. I don't hate all of humanity. Most of it "yes", all of it? No.
Like most people I inadvertently identify with and gravitate towards certain social groupings - "tribes" if you will.
I met and struck up a conversation with one of my "tribe" yesterday. I was in "Missing", a second hand CD shop through in the *ahem* "Dear Green Place" minding my own business looking through their limited jazz section when I heard a voice that I assumed was aimed at me....
A scruffy little object, in woolly hat, manky hiking boots and an anorak that's seen better days peering at the CDs through rain soaked specs. But fairs fair it was particularly foul weather and he was dressed the same way as well! In fact it was like looking at me thirty years from now (or if you want to be
Anyway, I digress with detail of our tribes lack of sartorial elegance...
He was studying, with great detail a CD, when he suddenly became quite animated and turned to me..
"Pardon??" (I assumed he was not only talking to me but about me).
"Him" Wildly gesticulating towards the CD he has in his hand.
"Him!! 'Bill Evans'. He doesn't play saxophone"
Starting to understand - "Ah.... There's two Bill Evans's the piano playing one, and him - he plays sax".
"What? Two! He's no' the piano Bill?"
"So why does he call himself 'Bill Evans'?"
"It's his name!"
"Oh." Pause.... "Still a nob-end though".
"Played with Stan Getz"
"What him?"
"No! The real Bill Evans"
"I know. I've got a couple of their albums".
"Aye. He was a nob-end an' a'. That Stan Getz. Great player - but a nob".
"Yeesss...I have heard that. Certainly Stan Tracey didn't get on with him".
"There you go then!!....Must be true. Stan Tracey's sound".

I left the shop empty handed and with my spirits full of dread for what the future holds for me.
The tribe of second hand jazz CD collectors - a scary tribe!

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