Wednesday, 3 March 2010


For a while now I've been getting a bit of a "twinge" in my right knee. But only when I'm wearing my ASICS - not when I'm wearing my trail shoes or cross country "studs".
Obviously you don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that there's a fair chance that the ASICS are the problem.

Now, I'm NOT saying ASICS are bad shoes - far from it I've been very happy running in them for a few years. I just think that my "style" has changed of late and the particular model I was wearing was no longer suitable.

Anyway. Off I tootled yesterday to Footworks up by Bruntsfield in Edinburgh for a wee bit of gait analysis and a try at a few different types of shoe.

I was right my gait has changed. I can't remember all the technical jargon that Colin who helped me came out with, but the overall prognosis appears to be that while I still have a tendency to over pronate (as do most runners), I also have a slight amount of "gangliness" that results in a floppity-flappity motion to the foot.

Now, on top of this, the news is that my "gangliness" is asymmetrical (my right foot is a tad ganglier than my left).

Oh deary me. How to solve this? I need a shoe that offers a bit more support. So, after trying on loads of shoes (Mizuno's, Nike's, Brooks, Saucenys, and other models of ASICS) and looking at my over pronating gangly legs in the camera as I ran on the treadmill it was finally decided that the Brooks Adrenaline GS10 fitted the bill (thankfully they also fitted my feet). Colin, very kindly even threw in a free pair of socks and a free Brooks tech tee-shirt.

Only had one run in them so far - last night with the club, but they seemed to work quite well. And more importantly my knee was twinge free.


Billy said...

Hey Stuart, don't you already have a pair of Primark gutties? Give us a shout if you want them modified. No need for a gait analysis; you'll definately pronate less in these than in your Asics.

Stuart said...

Got a couple of pairs of old Converse basketball boots.