Monday, 22 March 2010



Busy doing nothing at the weekend didn’t actually equate to doing nothing.

Went out for a really good long slow run (LSR) on Sunday. While it was a wee bit chilly when I first set out I soon warmed up and luckily the weather was a lot better than had been forecast.

Started off by heading up into the hills at the back of our bit, and going round the perimeter of the new wind farm (which looks very close to completion). Starting a run like this means about two miles of climbing, so it’s a good way to keep the pace down near the start.

From there I went through the forest trail path/road that skirts along the eastern side of Crichness Law. You get really great views from this path, down into the valley towards the old circular sheepfold and right along towards Bothwell Farm. It’s a shame, in a way, that this stretch of path only goes on for a mile or so, because it really is great running. Highly unlikely every to meet anyone else

From there I just headed along the road past the farm, onto the “main” Duns to Gifford road, before turning off again and heading back the way, via Harehead and Elmscleugh.

As I was going along the road I thought it was very, very quiet.. There’s possibly a good reason for this. As I got towards Monynut Forrest I realised that about three trees were down over the road (so, that would explain the complete lack of cars). I think they’ve come down over the winter – simply because of the weight of the snow on them.

As, I got towards the end of the forest I met Ian running the other way (out for a long LSR). So rather than simply running straight on towards Elmscleugh and home I diverted slightly to run a wee bit with him back through the woods towards the wind farm again.

Left Ian at the wind farm then more or less just retraced the first few miles of my run back home.

All in, I think about nineteen miles at a very comfortable pace. Just going to concentrate on increasing the mileage over the next few weeks. Speed work can be saved for club nights.

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