Monday, 15 March 2010


Back from the Inverness Half a happy chap.
Went up and did what I wanted to do - new PB. 1:18:36.
Much like the previous week at Lasswade the conditions were nearly perfect, and that obviously helped.
Conditions for the warm up and hanging about at the start were a little on the chilly side, but once the gun went and the race started you soon warmed up.
Didn't really pay much attention to who was beside me, in front of me or behind me for the first two miles. Just concentrated on trying to keep to my own pace.
Between two and three when the race went into the first slight climb things started to thin out a bit and while the overall pace slowed slightly I managed to pass a few runners (including the first lady).
The race is a bit more "urban" than I seemed to remember it with quite a bit of ducking sharply round corners and down residential streets and for one brief moment at, I think, about mile 8 I lost sight of the runners in front which led to a brief moment of panic.
At the second drinks station I also provided a little amusement for some local kids with my woeful attempt to take a plastic cup while running at 6min mile pace (needless to say I didn't bother going back).
Last three miles or so is very familiar being the same as the Loch Ness marathon, and I ended up running with a local lad. However at one point, with about a mile to go, he was continually looking back to see if any other locals were closing in on him and I just wanted him to keep eyes front and keep working as I thought we were working quite well together and I was more interested in time than position.
As it was, when we came into the stadium at the end I knew I was going to be well within my target time. Set myself a target of sub 1:20 so I was very happy with the result.
Seven weeks, seven races. Looking forward to at least a couple of weekends that I can concentrate on long slow runs though. Just under ten weeks to the Edinburgh marathon.
Try and get the mix right between training and keeping injury free.

Went out after the race and had a meal in an Indian restaurant in Inverness. Very nice... but "vegetable" korma that was nearly all sprouts?? Deary me... if I'd had that the night before the race I probably would have got round in 1:15!!

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