Saturday, 20 March 2010


WooHoo.... I've nothing to do!!
Now, that doesn't mean there's nothing for me to do.. but there is nothing I have to do this weekend. Nowhere to go, no people to see and no starting lines to stand behind!
First weekend in a long time, and it feels quite good to be honest.
There was the usual "coffee, cake and jazz" routine before the normal Friday house cleaning routine (Stanley Turrentine & The Three Sounds "The Complete 'Blue Hour' Sessions", since you don't ask).
There was the usual Saturday morning trip the farm shop for groceries... but after that? Chuff all.

Going to fit in a couple of runs, including a fairly long one, and I'm also going to partake of some of my other hobbies. Namely; listening to jazz (obviously), reading, watching a little telly and my other favourite... sitting on the sofa staring into the middle distance (to be fair I often multi task and do this and listen to jazz at the same time).

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