Monday, 29 March 2010

B "S" T ??

Remind me. What does the "S" in BST stand for?
Left the house this morning and it was snowing! Admittedly not a lot - but it was snowing!
Got home tonight after a particularly shitty day at work (all too familiar these days) and was at least looking forward to getting out for a run, now that the "light" nights are here.
Well. I did get a run, but it was anything but light. Horrible black, heavy, doom laden sky that looks like its about to descend and slowly crush what little joy is left out of your soul...
And rain.... Oh lordy, the rain.
With all the snow and what not we've had the first part of this year, it's easy to forget that we've actually had very little in the way of rain.
Well, it's making up for it now.. big time.

And yet..... for some bizarre reason, I did go a run and I felt really good. Just over nine miles at seven minute pace and the old HR kept nicely in the low "green zone". First part was a bit tough running into the cold head wind and driving rain, but that just meant that I had a nice tail wind to bring me back home. I may have enjoyed myself out in the rain, but I got the distinct impression that some of the new lambs were none too impressed with their first introduction to a Scottish Spring.

Lifted the mood no end (perhaps I should have gone before work).
Let that be the first of many. The sky may have sprung a leak, but spring has sprung!

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