Sunday, 28 February 2010


Well. That's that for the best part of another year (well, 9 months or so).

Cross country is over!! Hurrah!

Actually, I enjoyed the last one more than I thought I would and I felt quite strong during the run.

A damp, cold day with just a bit of snow falling gave the run in Peebles a real winter feel to it. Luckily the snow wasn't as bad as the snow we passed through on the way to the race

Quite a "technical" course that seemed to have a bit of everything in it. Starts off with a circuit of the park before shooting off along a narrow woodland path that takes in some pretty hairy little climbs over tree roots and slippery rocks, before heading through a pleasant valley, up and over an old railway viaduct, back into some woodland and then a horrible climb before a nice long descent through more woods and finishing off by the side of the Tweed. So - twisty, slippy, hilly, muddy and bumpy.

My time (26:27) was only slightly quicker than the last time I did that race, though since the route has been changed slightly it's difficult to tell if that's an improvement.

Had to hang about after the race for the prize giving. Nice to get a chance to talk to folk and the race organisers had laid on refreshments, including scones the size of a babies head, but it did start to drag on a bit.

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