Thursday, 4 February 2010



One of those psychologically essential runs today at lunchtime.

In an even fouler mood than usual today, so it was nice to get out for a wee while in the *cough* “Dear Green Place”.

Only it wasn’t green it was nice and white with a light covering of snow all the way along the walkway. Nice steady 6.7 miles. Still noticed a few other runners but not as many as you see when the weathers a bit better

Strange thing. I’ve been getting a bit of a “twinge” in my right knee lately. Nothing to get too worried about – it usually goes away while I’m warming up.

For those unfamiliar with the hierarchy of runners ailments a “twinge” is right at the bottom of the pile (certainly below a “niggle”).

Anyway, as I say, it goes away after about half a mile or so warm up. It was there yesterday.

Most days I wear my road shoes (ASICS 1140’s for mild over pronators) but today I had my “neutral” MIZUNO trail shoes and my knee was completely “tickety boo”.

Natures way I think of reminding me to get new shoes (and gait analysis).

Another reason it was good to get out at lunchtime is that I’m missing the running club’s interval session tonight to go to see Fredrik Nordstrom at The Lot.

Jazz? On a “school night”? Whatever next?

Bizarrely, now that Im drinking water, my water looks more like Lucozade!!

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Billy said...

It's high time you made the switch to proper shoes. Please see me to start the process. At least you'd have no risk of getting mugged for them on the Clyde Walkway.