Thursday, 11 February 2010


My run in the *cough* “Dear Green Place” takes me past two of that metropolises’ most important buildings.

The Sherriff and the High courts. It’s not unusual to see large crowds milling about outside either. Sometimes it’s simply family and friends awaiting an outcome and occasionally (outside the High Court) I’ve seen a braying mob waiting on some ner-do-well make their way to Barlinnie.

Today however, there appeared to be a larger crowd than usual outside the Sheriff court and most seemed to be in high spirits.

Perhaps they had each received a personalised “Get Out Of Jail” card….

To whom it may concern,

Rab here has been a good pal o mine for years now like. What wi him being on the panel and his maw bein poorly, to bang him up wid be a sin so it would.

Please could you also see your way clear to reinstating Rabs burroo money as the pair wee soul hasnney had a good swally since it wis stoped neither he has.

Yours, etc.etc” From the Office of the Deputy First Minister.

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