Friday, 5 February 2010


Out last night to see the Fredrik Nordström Trio at The Lot down by the Grass Market.
Nordström on tenor sax, Palle Danielsson on double bass and Fredrik Rundqvist on drums.
This tour is to “promote” this trio’s second recorded offering, “Mayday”, the first being released about seven years ago (“Live At The Glen Miller Café”).
The earlier record was a selection of Jazz standards, but this outing sees them play a selection of original compositions, mainly by Nordström but one by Danielson, named after his cat “Mars” apparently.
I’ve listened to a lot by Nordström and I’m happy that when I finally got to see him live that this is the setup he was with. Not all, but a lot of, live jazz can be a bit sharper and edgier than it’s recorded equivalent. Playing live gives the musicians freer reign and does not burden them with so many time restraints. They get the option of “letting go” and experimenting. They probably feel a bit more confident to experiment as well, as even if some solos don’t quite come off how they hope, it’s unlikely that a live audience will pick up on this (unlike a recording that will be played again and again and every note can be picked up and commented on).
Whatever. As I say, in my opinion live jazz can be edgier. And some of Nordström’s early work is already on the edgy side….
This trio though play pretty much straight ahead modern jazz. There’s more than a hint of Sonny Rollin’s in Nordström’s playing.
The small intimate nature of The Lot seemed to bring out a nice little rapport between the band and the audience (as he announced the final number Fredrik basically said “ok we’ll come out and do another one..” even before the small appreciative crowd demanded it!).
The show (of two halves) was “bookended” both by covers and original pieces. During the first set the band played Kenny Wheeler’s “Everybody’s Song But My Own” as well as ending the first set with the original “Talk The Talk”.
The second set opened straight away with the fast paced original companion piece “Walk The Walk” before moving on to the wonderful Keith Jarrett number “My Song” (the one song I really wanted to hear- an all time favourite). Given that Danielsson played bass on the Keith Jarrett original, it’s perhaps no wonder that he got a wee bit free reign to solo on this, and Fredrik's biting tenor sax brought a new feel to it than the original ethereal sound of Jan Garbarek.
Fredrik Rundqvist performed more than admirably.
A great night out.

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