Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Woke up to more of that white stuff yesterday morning - the snow was back!
Not quite a "shitload" but enough to give the place a nice covering.
However, what this also meant, of course, was - it was cauld. Bliddy cauld.
This in itself wouldn't matter too much, but the night before (Monday) our oil filled electric heater that we have in the kitchen decided that, unlike Terry Pratchett, the time was right to simply slip away unaided.
Sadly no amount of specialist attention from me and my vast collection of DIY accessories could bring it back to life (a small screwdriver from a Christmas cracker and a bicycle "multi-tool").

Reduced yesterday morning to standing in the kitchen making the rolls and breakfast with the oven on fairly high and the door open to try and get a wee bit heat into my bones.
Anyhow it's all sorted now. Anne popped into a local hardware place on the way home for a new one. Thank god.
Glad we got it fixed as the kitchen is the last place in the house that I go to when I'm getting ready for a run. It's usually in there that I put on my shoes and have a last drink of water if I need it.
Nothing worse than getting ready for a run in the cold.

My involvement in the world of "sports science" has reached mid point. I now have finished my mysterious "sports drink" but have to continue for the same period of time replicating all the in depth weighing and noting of widdle colour but fueled on nothing more than tap water!

My kitchen may be freezing but my water has more than a hint of warm summer sand dunes about it.

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