Friday, 26 February 2010



Dunbar Running Club is lucky in as much as we have a running track. Indeed it’s a fairly unique track. Not for us the conventional 400m – no sir. We prefer to train on a 410m track!

Now, it would be easy to say that this is a simple mistake by the grounds man (or whoever occasionally sees fit to mark out the track), but I prefer to see it as a “cunning plan”. The plan being; if you train regularly and hard doing multiples of 410 then in theory you should get good times when you actually race at multiples of 400!! It’s a more simplified form of the theory that if you want to run a good half marathon ….. train for a marathon!

Sadly, this unique track is not an “all weather” track. It still sits there, obviously, in all weathers. It’s just that in really bad weather – you cant run on it – it gets all squishy.

We had bad weather last night. So the trusty track got a night off.

But while Dunbar might not have an all weather track it does boast some “all weather runners” and we headed off to do a few 1400m circuits round some of the local pavements. Now. I’ve never actually trained specifically round 1400m before so I wasn’t quite sure how to pace myself and therefore opted for the tried and tested method of “pelting it”. Eyeballs out, lungs lodged firmly in the throat type “run like you stole something”.

Must have done me good, because my legs hurt like hell this morning L

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