Thursday, 21 January 2010



Hurrah! Found myself working in Edinburgh today, so a nice opportunity to bring in the running gear and reacquaint myself with my route round the Water Of Leith etc.

Feel like it’s ages since I’ve managed this route and today the conditions were ideal so I thought I’d “go for it” and managed to get round about a minute quicker than usual (but with the old heart rate fluctuating between the blue and the red zones). Enjoyed it and I’m starting to look forward to the idea of actually racing again soon.

Another thing I’m looking forward to soon is getting of my lazy butt and getting out to see some live jazz.

A few years ago now I came across a CD by the Norwegian tenor sax player Fredrik Nordstrom. A bit “free” but it really grew on me, and since then my senses have been a bit more “open” to free jazz in general.

Difficult to source some of his stuff but I’ve managed to track down about another four albums by him and I like them all. So I was delighted to find out he’s playing at the Lot in Edinburgh in a few weeks (even more delighted to find out that Anne was happy to forego a running club night to go along). On one of the CDs I’ve got,  by the same trio that’s coming to the Lot funnily enough, he plays a version of  Keith Jarrett's "My Song". If he plays that in a few weeks I’ll be a very happy man.

Only [slightly] negative thing about this gig? It’s the same night as Brian Kellock and Julian Arguelles are playing in Musselburgh L

But what of “that there science”?...

Today; unlike a Civil Servants understanding of a simple concept, my water was clear..

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