Friday, 8 January 2010



More snow last night. I’ve devised a new unit of measurement for snowfall (I’ve decided that measuring snow in inches is a bit old fashioned). So – between last night and this morning we had another “shitload” of snow.

To watch the news though you’d be forgiven for  thinking that rather than lovely white crystals of frozen atmospheric precipitation the nation was in fact covered in the cloying red weed of HG Wells “War Of The Worlds”. Bliddy hell to view the nightly telly coverage you’d think that this was Armageddon masquerading as a Christmas card. To back up their worrying tales of impending doom they always back it up with some “vox pops” style interview. This usually involves some domestic tragedy whereby school-run mum can’t get the 4x4 out of the drive way to take little Trinny and Susana to ballet school or some such. Or people wailing and gnashing their teeth because the local Waitrose hasn’t had a fresh delivery of sun dried bollocks.

Yes – it’s cold and uncomfortable. Yes – it’s difficult to travel. But for god’s sake – it’s winter! It’s supposed to be like this! Adapt!

Last night we couldn’t use the running track for training (as is our usual Thursday habit). The roads and pavements were a bit “iffy”. So we just adapted – bunged on a head torch and headed off road and into the hills. It was different, and it probably wasn’t “quality” training – but it’s better than sitting there in front of the telly and getting all upset about things.

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