Sunday, 24 January 2010


Been out today for the longest run I've done in months (certainly the longest since my last marathon in October).
Took it nice and steady - but I'm feeling it in the legs just now. Think I did about twenty miles (so probably closer to 18). It's strange, but I'm getting a bit nostalgic for the snow - everything looked nice and clean and fresh, but now the world just seems to be covered in a layer of grime. Also, while I don't mind the crisp biting cold of the snowy weather I hate this dank, wet drizzly stuff we've got now - it seems to seep right through to your bones. Maybe I'm getting old - or not running fast enough!

Nice easy 4 mile "recovery" run tomorrow I think.

It's not often that my two main interests meet or cross paths, but I've got a wee bit of a conflict going on just now.
I want to see Dan Berglund's new band playing at the Queens Hall on 13th March.
I want to do the Inverness Half Marathon on 14th March (and being in Inverness refreshed and ready to race means going up the day before).
Ohhh..... decisions!
On the positive side of jazz - I've been spending my non running hours this weekend reacquainting myself with my Fredrik Nordstrom collection in readiness for that gig in two weeks time.

My legs may be burdened by a dull ache but my water is blessed with an effervescent fizz reminiscent of lemon sherbet sweeties!!

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Yak Hunter said...

We have now inadvertently started monitoring the colour of our own urine because of your blog. Had a bottle of "white" Pinot (aptly named) wine that was a very good yellow the other day and meant to take a note of the name to add to your repertoire of yellows.
On a less wierd note its good you're over your injury and back running again!