Monday, 4 January 2010


The cause of Scotland's Grit Shortage

Don't see many of these...

Starting to wonder if the snow is ever going to shift. That's about two weeks now that we've had snow to some degree or other now.

Saw a bit on the news today where some councils in Scotland were claiming that they had either ran out of grit or were very close to running out. Well .... I think I know where a lot of it is going - sheep are eating it!!

We've only seen a gritter about twice in as many weeks. But last week, when one did make it this far, the chap left a big pile of rock salt at the end of our house (in the field).

Since then there's been a flock of sheep at this thing, just about all day every day - they can't get enough of it. Very strange.

Anyway, we decided to go a bit of a walk today and headed off up the back from our bit. About a mile up the road there is a cottage that stands very much on it's own - the folk that live here really do get cut off from everyone else for days at a time when he weather is bad.

However, these last few days they've kept a car down near our place ... walked down and can therefore get out and about.

So. Today we were a walk that took us past their place. And we got accosted by their horse (I say it's a "horse" Anne insists it's only a "pony"). I don't think they keep it locked up - but just let it wander around.

It obviously was lonely, and decided that it wanted to follow us... Now, I hate when animals do that, start following you. I end up feeling responsible for them. Also, because of all the snow and ice that we have had all the cattle grids are full and iced over. The horse was able to cross them no bother. I started to worry that this thing was going to follow us back to Woodhall. I've also got a theory - cats, dogs and horses can all tell when someone is allergic to them - and then they home in on them!! Put 100 people into a room and introduce a cat, a dog or a horse and I guarantee they will make a bee-line for the poor sod who's allergic!!
This thing kept walking right up to me and trying to knock my hat off my head with it's nose!!

No amount of "shooing" or telling it to "feck off" had any effect. Maybe it just liked my hat - but it was way too cold to take it off and try to use it as bait to get it to bugger off (anyway, I like that hat).

Anne ended up having to do a "U" turn and head back with "Dobbin" (don't know its real name) happily following. Took a bit of persuading, but so far back it finally decided just to head for home and we were free to carry on with our walk.
One more day off a nice morning run in the snow, followed by coffee, cake and jazz ... then it's back to reality.. Boo.

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