Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Said it before, and I'll say it again- "Oh for F sake!!"
We've hardly been "out" during these holidays (of which today is the last day).
Now. By "out" I mean "to the shops", "travelling" and generaly doing
"stuff". We have of course been out of the house to run or walk, but
other than popping "out" for the groceries (or one cancelled race) we
haven't been "out."
So today we thought we would pop "out" and went down to Berwick. Quite
nice it was too. Though very, very VERY quiet. We got down OK, but it
definetly had the feeling of a place that had been beaten by the bad
weather. Some of the shops were closed (including one of my favourite
book shops) and the ones that were not shut were empty.

Anyway. It started to snow on the way back. By about Grantshouse the
road was pretty bad. Passable but there was a covering of snow and the
road markings were covered.

Got home in time for the one o'clock news. To sit and marvel at
"Scotland freezes" type stories. So wrapped up in these stories was I
that I failed to notice that we have had about another three bloody
inches of snow since we got home!!

Will this ever end?

First club run of 2010 tonight (hopefully) IF we get down. Just heard
that the next race in the cross country series has been cancelled as
well because of the weather. So that's my first two races of 2010

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