Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Quite a nice run at lunchtime. Through in the *ahem* “Dear Green Place” so I went for a run up by the Clyde.

Now, I’ve not done this run for a good few months. Primarily because I was injured at the tail end of last year and latterly as they are working on the paths along the walkway. Well, what they are actually doing is cutting down most of the trees at the side of the paths.

The work isn’t finished yet and technically the pathway is closed but one of the blokes working there let me through for my run. So I more or less got the path to myself for 4 miles! Good bloke!

Said it before but running at lunchtime is good for two reasons: (1) It improves my mood (no small task in itself) and, more importantly, (2) it keeps me out of record and book shops.

Didn’t run yesterday. Ended up with a new book by Edward Marston (bought admittedly with a token that was a gift) and a CD by Phil Woods and Herbie Mann. Bought with cash…. That wasn’t L.

Reading Ray’s blog and he asked the question “do you keep a note of the books you’ve read?”. Well, sad to say I don’t. Perhaps I should, because while I don’t really get through many “worthy” books, I do get through a few (though who defines a book as “worthy”?).

So. A wee experiment for 2010. I will endeavour to keep a list of all the books I read. This will not be the Times Literary Supplement, all it will be is a list with perhaps a word or two. Anyway the list is here: https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AZs5MMzUCgfGZGdxenBwaHBfMGM1dnc4cGhu&hl=en_GB .

A list of all my CDs? Don’t be daft – I buy far too many for that.

Some may say I am well read.... though my water is most definitely yellow.

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