Saturday, 19 December 2009


Yesterday we had a light dusting of snow. Nothing to write home about really.

So I felt quite happy this morning getting "old (t)rusty" the bike out of the hut and setting off for a little spin. I had planned to be out for about two and a half hours.

Best laid plans and all that though.... Although there had only been a little bit of snow yesterday it had melted - then frozen again on some of the roads. And, while I don't mind cycling, I'm not really that "into it" to risk falling off and compounding my injury woes this close to Christmas.

I turned round and came home early - so today's "running substitute" was a mere 55 minutes. Pitiful.

But as if to raise my spirits, though completely bugger my chances of getting out on the bike tomorrow, it started to really snow later on. Reckon we must have got over an inch of snow in half an hour.

Time to don ancient hiking boots, manky old anorak, get the old thermals on under the trousers, grab the camera and head out for a wee walk.

Very festive!