Friday, 4 December 2009


Ooh.. I hate when that happens. I've had a tune stuck in my head for most of this week. And it's all been jug-eared political journo' Andrew Marr's fault.

Jug ears

I've been catching bits of his series "The Making Of Modern Britain" (and very good it is too). Anyway, the other night they were talking about WWII and the effect of an "invasion" of GIs into our backward shores. Anyway, to emphasise the point they showed a squad of American troops marching along to a Big Band tune. And for once they didn't use a Glen Miller song! No, it was "Skyliner" by Charlie Barnet - and bloody good it is too. One of only a handful of "hits" for Mr Barnet, but there you go.

Bringer of joy

Anyway. Since seeing this the tune has been stuck in there. I've been on the train, listening to music by a hundred and one different people - and I'm still humming along to Skyliner.

I'm at my desk trying to get on with something - and I burst into a few bars of Skyliner. Quite often complete with band-leading style arm waving and pointing at completely imaginary saxophonists.

I'm thrashing around in the swimming pool (yes - I did try it) - and I'm humming Skyliner.

I knew I had a copy of this. I knew it was on one of the many compilation CDs I've got, but I could not remember which one - or more importantly where it was! The problem is when you have a fairly small abode and a relatively large collection you tend to end up with music in just about every room.

Finally tracked it down to a little wooden box tucked away in the bedroom.

Bunged it on the CD player and cranked up the volume; though I'm led to believe that modern "young" peoples parlance is to "pump" up the volume. Whatever, two sessions of this and a good old "dance-like-no-one-is-looking" around the room should have exorcised this from my soul.... Didn't do my sore leg much good though.

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