Thursday, 24 December 2009


The stately piles have been liberally doused in snow - again (well, applying ice to inflamed injuries is beneficial).
This morning shortly after 6:30 it started to snow and we have had yet another "Oh, for F sake" worth of snow. I know this as I had cleared the small patch in front of the door - by 7:30 there was about two inches of snow on it. And it has snowed on and off since then.
I have not seen or heard a postman or indeed a bin man for two days now.
Luckily, however, today at least the paper delivery van reached us (he arrived before the snow). Yesterday he only made it as far as the farm and our paper had to make its final voyage to us thanks to a kind lady, her friend, and their quad bike!

As long as Santa makes it through the snow with his "big bag of mellow jazz tunes" I'll be OK.
Tomorrow's morning run might be a slippy affair though!

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