Tuesday, 22 December 2009



I have about three different rucksacks that I use for day to day transport of stuff to work or for running etc.

The other day I was in one of them that I haven’t used for a wee while looking for something (can’t remember what). Anyway, while rummaging around in the darkest recesses of this bag I chanced upon a little white polythene bag – almost exactly like the type I get purchases from a little second hand CD shop in Glasgow in. In fact – it was a little bag from that shop. And, unsurprisingly, it contained a little CD – Ahmad Jamal “The Awakening”. There was also a little receipt. Dated July!!

Jesus wept. It’s a sign that either I’m getting too much that I can forget about something for 5 months (either that or a sign that my short term memory is going).

Anyway. Really surprised that I forgot about this so long because it’s quite frankly a beautiful collection. I obviously got it when I was really going through a  piano trio “thang” and this is a wonderful example of that.

It has on it one of the best covers of Herbie Hancock’s “Dolphin Dance” that I think I’ve heard (and I’ve heard a few). A faster tempo than the original, but still at a pace that keeps that sort of lyrical modal fluidity that makes it such a wonderful tune.

Why did I leave this for so long?

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Anne said...

Yes, a sign you have a problem! Funny that you kept that quiet.