Monday, 14 December 2009



Helping out the club with a cross country race yesterday.

This involved trudging along a small part of the course with Frank and Jim and poking lots of garden canes with red and white tape tied to them into the ground. Starting the runners off and then standing about getting chilled to the bone waiting on them coming back.

And feeling nothing but envy for each and every one of them.

Three weeks I’ve been off the running now and, while cycling and swimming etc at least “take the edge off”, I’m getting terrible withdrawal symptoms.

But the good news is my shin isn’t really hurting nearly as much as it was and yesterday I did manage a wee jog down as far as the farm barn at the end of our road and back (probably about 200m) without any pain or discomfort. So, it looks as though the recovery seems to be going well. In fact it would be tempting to get the old kit on and try a wee run… but I’m going to give it another couple of weeks before I even do that. Err on the side of caution I think.

Can’t rule out a wee 4 mile run on Christmas day though…..

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