Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Managed to get out on the bike a bit today at lunchtime - after I fixed the front derailleur this morning.
At 6:30 this morning to be exact. There I was with the bike propped up against the fence, using my head torch for light and frantically going at the derailleur with the most sophisticated piece of kit I have. To wit....

And the amazing thing is... it's worked! Perhaps there's a lesson in there for me. Maybe I should clean my bike more often (OK. to be fair you could probably just delete the words "more" and "often"). If I do decide to wash my bike in future I will try to do it at a more civilised hour. For once I really can't blame the neighbour's cat, Fatso, for sitting there staring at me as I crouched there in the dark, with a torch strapped to my head, attacking a bike with a toothbrush!

So lunch time saw me off for a quick spin around some of the local roads for just over an hour with the old HRM reading a brisk 154.
Like I say cycling really isn't "my thing". Though it was, very much so, twenty odd years ago, and, if I say so myself, I've still got a fairly good cadence and pedal action. Still,at least it's a pretty good "filler in" during these times of convalescence.
Last night I was off to the gym for about 50 minutes followed by a wee swim for about half an hour, after which I met up with some of the running club at an Indian restaurant in Musselburgh and negated all the good by filling my face with korma and nan bread. Nice though.

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