Tuesday, 8 December 2009



Well. Don’t know how much longer I’ll be away from competitive running – or even any proper running training. BUT I now, at least, know that I can run, quite quickly, about ten metres. Note to self: Do NOT time a visit to the cludgie so that a return to your desk coincides with the arrival of the sandwich trolley! It’s amazing how quickly some of them can move and god help anything that gets in their way!

Anyway, not happy about it, but I’m getting used to the possibility of a lengthy period of recuperation. Plan to cycle three times a week and gym/swim twice.

The cycling would be better if I didn’t have to use my right foot to “nudge” the front derailleur every time I switch chain ring. I’ve only had the bike ten years – perhaps it’s due a service. I’ll try to scrape the worst of the crud off the mechanism tomorrow and get it working. Failing that I’ll try to get it repaired. Quite happy to “have a go” at most cycle repairs myself – but this involves splitting the chain and I don’t have to proper kit.

I’ve also been using jazz as a “musical balm” to ease those jittery, bad tempered, moods I get into when I don’t get our exercising. Or indeed the jittery, bad tempered, moods I get into even when I do get out exercising.

Last night I switched up from Big Band jazz and bebop and increased the dosage to the full 32 minute harmonic waves of sound that is “The Creator Has a Master Plan” by Pharaoh Sanders. An old stand by this that I always dig out and bung on when I’m having a crisis. I love it. Avant-garde “free jazz” at it’s most spiritual and it’s best.

This anthem of optimism should be played LOUDLY on a  continuous loop through massive speakers built into the Queen Street tunnel and the tunnel between Haymarket and Waverly.

32 Minutes – probably the ideal thing to listen to tonight on the cross trainer at the gym. Just the right length of workout. J

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