Monday, 28 December 2009


Getting nicely adjusted into a wee routine here.
Get up - lazy breakfast - watch a bit telly - wee run - listen to jazz - watch a bit telly and bed.
It's like a form of Winter semi-hibernation.

Unfortunately all the snow we had turned to slush - which then turned to ice. The temperature has dropped from "nippy" to full blown "brass monkeys", so sadly it looks as though the ice is here to stay for a good bit. This in turn has limited our options for running.. So, ironically, it's better to head off road and into the hills. Today I went out for an hour and a half and went up into and round the windmills at the back of us. Great fun, at one point I was running through two feet of snow.
Probably a good time to go up there as there's nobody up there working at the moment. So I can show my contempt for the new development by peeing on their unbuilt windmills without fear of being caught!!

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