Friday, 27 November 2009


To begin at the beginning – (again!).
OK. Here we go. What’s all this about and what happened to all the usual crap on this site? Well. I felt like a change – and this is the start of it.
My previous blog had come a wee bit adrift and was floating aimlessly between three ports – “running”, “jazz” and “moaning”. The running side of it can be covered elsewhere (my running club’s site) and the “moaning” about the uselessness and futility of modern life I have decided to jealously keep to myself. Instead of sounding off about things over which I have no control I’ve decided that the best course is to sit quietly in a corner and have a good old “seethe” (could be the start of a new tradition on a Friday – “coffee, cake, jazz and a nice little seethe”).

So that leaves the jazz….. So, from now on what I will be trying to do is look at what jazz is important to me at any given time (“look at”? surely I mean “listen to”). Describe new jazz acquisitions and finds and, hopefully, make some recommendations.
The role of this exercise is also to help me. I want to hone my woefully inadequate writing skills. Especially my critical writing. I want to try and avoid the dreaded and stereotypical “hmm…nice!” when describing a tune/song/opus etc.

This isn’t to say though that running and moaning won’t make the odd appearance – but if they do it’ll hopefully be to a jazz beat.

So. Where to start?


Ray said...

Good luck with the new start, I look forward to reading about 'all that jazz.'


John Kynaston said...

I'll miss the running blogs!


Yak Hunter said...

Oh no, we will miss not only the running but also the spleen. Pleeease share it with us! Better out than in and makes us feel better about our own sometimes jaundiced view of the world (often improved by running).