Monday, 30 November 2009


Hmmm... Give your "staff" (i.e. Civil Servants) the day off because it's St Andy's Day... Try to encourage other employers to do the same..... End year of "celebration" and "Homecoming" with *cough* climactic concerts and events ... and happen to launch your proposals for Independence the very same day!!

Cynical? Me? Why not go the full hog and post a box of shortbread, a Broons annual and a copy of Braveheart on DVD to every home in the land... Prick.
Anyway. At least it's given yours truly a day off work.
Bit of a shame that yesterday I wasn't able to take part in a race I quite fancied (injury). But that also gave me a bit more time. More time that is to stand about in the freezing cold wind and rain waiting for everyone else. It also gave me a rare opportunity to take my MP3 player to a race (not that I ever run with one you understand).

Strange sometimes, when you've got a player on "random" that it seems to be anything but. It's often as though those tiny buds in your ears not only let the music in but somehow let your thoughts out, through the ears, down the flimsy wires and right into the microchip - influencing what it plays. I'm sure it often reads my mind.


As I watched a hundred or so poor souls spend their Sunday by trudging up a muddy windswept hill the player switched to Avashi Cohen Trio playing "Gently Disturbed". Disturbed? Yes. Gentle? No.

Thing is. I don't know if this unintentional irony applied to the runners... or to me for having nothing better to do on a Sunday than stand and watch them.

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